How Biochar Works in Soil

Biochar is charcoal that is suitable to incorporate into soil. There are many good descriptions of how biochar works in soil and one such article is that written by Kelpie Wilson. It has been published in the Biochar Journal 2014.

Biochar Standards

The characteristics of biochar are dependent on a range of parameters that include; the organic matter (feedstock) that it is made from, the maximum temperature used to make it, the time spent at that temperature, and the rate at which it reaches that temperature etc. Hence biochar characteristics can span a wide range. To provide clarity and assurance to the industry, standards have been and are being developed. To date there are two published standards and a third set in draft form.

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) have produced a set of standards and scientists in Europe have produced the European Biochar Certificate (EBC). The Australian New Zealand Biochar Initiative (ANZBI) are in the process of doing so with a draft version available on their website.

While it may seem confusing to have more than one standard, this has arisen because of  some minor differences in analytical procedures and legislative requirements between countries. Standards are described in the following links:

Biochar Effects on Crop Yields

The references you will find here have been selected as examples from the large volume of research conducted in this field.